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The Kaleidos lighting solution is a unique and innovative way of making any area sparkle with light. There is no other type of light fitting which uses the prismatic effect generated by the innovative pattern of diffraction slots in the body of the light fitting. This in combination with remotely controlled multi coloured LED lights gives a totally personalised atmosphere in any space, using the laws of optics, by simple design achieving significant visual results.

Kaleidos Wall Lighting can easily be placed horizontally or vertically in any area.  They can be of different sizes and colours and can be placed individually or in any pattern creating a wonderful atmosphere and colour in private, public or transitional spaces in residential and commercial properties.

The light produced from the Kaleidos provides a beautiful lace like effect on the walls and one can instantly create a different atmosphere in the space by using the remote to control to change the brightness and colour at the touch of a button.  Twenty static colours including shades of white are available in addition to the option whereby a colour and mode of choice can be saved with the DIY buttons.

Where you can use KALEIDOS

Hallways, lounges, children’s rooms, staircases, restaurants, clinics, offices, shops and reception areas can all be enhanced by this lighting.

We realise that there is a specific need to use lighting in order to define and characterise transitional spaces such as corridors, landings, hallways, staircases. The Kaleidos uses light as an art form and can decorate a space instead of just provide a means of illumination. Due to the low voltage of these lights they are safe and energy saving, giving an ambient light in different spaces.


Prices & delivery

Price of the lighting element £149.00

Available in white, grey and black

Standard size 960mm

Free Delivery in the UK

Delivery is in 10 working days

You can find it in our Online Shop


Tailored made colours and sizes of the lamp body are available as a special order for an extra cost with delivery being 4 working weeks. And you can place an order downhere.


Two types of Kaleidos lighting elements:

1)    colourful with 44 modes

2)   warm white light with dimmer